I have for a long time wanted to see a presentation by Henrik, so I was happy to learn that he had a recorded talk during Smidig 2014 . I've read two of his books, on kanban and scrum, and also seen references to his talks and slides. And I was not dissapointed, even though I've picked up on a lof of the slides and take-aways beforehand.

recommended_small As a developer you often work on a small scale, especially in the nordics I think any development team with a two figure head count is a rare thing. Which make one wonder if talk about a firm with +600 heads in tech can be relevant for your daily situation. Well, due to the oranization of the spotify team, I think that this talk has good points even if your team is small. Besides the organizational structure he also talks about continuous delivery and deployment strategies, and link that to some of the architectural choices. If you wish to know more about the technical side of things, I can recommend a session from Leatspeak.se with Niklas Gustavsson called Spotify Engineering culture.

Smidig 2014 - Spotify Engineering culture with Henrik Knivberg

Leetspeak.se - Building backend services at Spotify with Niklas Gustavsson